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lawn mower

Lawn & Garden Care

We offer competitive pricing on monthly Mowing, Fertilizer and Veg Control packages. Fully  licensed with the State of Michigan. If you have a rough lawn there’s much we can do to help. 

Power Washing 

If your house is dingy or stained then our power washing option may be for you. With using environmental safe chemicals and good old elbow grease. We can spiff up your property. If it’s vinyl siding, wood, concrete or any other objects that can be sprayed with water. We got you covered.

Shrub Pruning

We are able to help with over grown beds and trimming up those stubborn ornamental trees. If your landscaping needs some help or is in decline. We may be able to help.

Snow & Ice Removal

With Michigan being seasonal we bring our expertise to the winter months as well. We can either plow your drive or Snow blow it if you have no room for piles. Offer salting option and monthly contracts.

CALL US TODAY TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT Yard Knomes Maintenance services: 

1 (269) 539-8731