Yard Knomes Lawn Program

We keep your lawn beautiful so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

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Regular Cutting

Knomies will mow and weed eat your Lawn for a low price of 5 cents per sqft. With a minimum of $25.00.

Grass Cleanup

Knomies will also remove you clippings for 1 cent more. Blowing off side walks and drive ways is always included. A tighty House is a happy house.

Weed Control

Knomies offer a very competitive fertilizer and herbicide program, that will be custom tailored to your lawn specific needs.

Mulching And Planting 

Knomies will remove your old mulch and help with new. Or if you need help planting your ornamentals, flowers, or vegetables  Knomies are here to help.

Mosquito, Flea, Tick Control

Knomies are able to apply a direct insecticide to ward off those pesty intruders. We’re able to target your home foundation, wood lines and Lawn areas. Building a barrier between your love ones and unwanted pests. Knomies are fully licensed and insured with experience to match.

Lawn Maintenance

Knomies are also great at lawn maintenance projects as well. Aeration, dethatching, lawn rolling, vegetation control, prunning, tree trimming and so much more. 

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