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Power Washing

The Knomies offer a variety of power washing services. Some of their favorites would include houses, boats, RVs, decks and cement. We also have been known to spray animal barns and stalls. It’s stinky work but  some one has to do it. So if you have a water source we have the answer.

Pet Cleanup Service

If you got dogs but don’t have a yard. Because of the stinkies through out the yard. The Knomies can help win your lawn back. If it’s brown and down ask the Knomies to carry it away. Weekly service available upon request.

Trash Removal 

If that unwanted trash is piled up and, you don’t know who to call. Knomies are hear with there trash removal service. Pile it, call us, forget it.

Gutter and Window Washing 

If your winter is long and your gutters are full of leaves. The Knomies will take care of it for you. If your windows are dirty and it’s hard to see. The Knomies will clean it right up for you.

If your jobs not listed call for a free estimate.

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